“Restrictions, Confinements..

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Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education presents

Restrictions, Limitations, Confinements Curated by Felix Morelo …

Featuring: Chan Wai, Jose Krapp, Patrick-Earl Barnes, Rafael Sanchez, Mayuko Fujino, Jon Sisti, Hiroko Ishikawa, Itzy Ramirez, Dana Jerabek, Raphael Griswold, Virginia Wagner, Teddy O’Connor, Washington Chavez, Karen Cintron, Firelei Baez, Edwin Bolta Francisco Osorio, Alexis Duque,Panoply Lab, and Felix Morelo

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 5th, 6:30pm-8:30 pm

Performances by: Rafael Sanchez 7:00pm Panoply Lab 7:30pm Felix Morelo 8:00pm

Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education is pleased to announce Restrictions, Limitations, Confinements, a group exhibition curated by Felix Morelo.

The opening will take place Thursday, April 5, 2012, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and the show will run through May 25, 2012.

For his curatorial debut, Morelo invites 20 artists to interpret the themes of restrictions, limitations and confinements and how they manifest themselves physically, spiritually and intellectually in their lives. Morelo aims to demonstrate that our restrictions, limitations, and confinements are universal topics that come in countless shapes and forms which we all must deal with throughout our lives. He intends to create a platform for sharing and dialogue that inspires others to remain steadfast in the face of their particular adversities.

AIOP 2011

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prescribed procedure for the obsessive-compulsive
Project description: To draw a continuous trail of individual chalk faces approximately 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches apart from each other on the sidewalks of New York City beginning at the south corner of 14th street and 10th Avenue and ending at the south corner of 14th street and Avenue C.
One aim of this project is to make the public aware of how an obsessive-compulsive behavior can be a prescribed procedure used to show the transient and ephemeral qualities of time, while manipulating space through marks on this earth.

(s)files at Lehman College

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el Museo (s)files at Lehman College Gallery. On view until January 2012
El Museo del Barrio’s sixth biennial features the most innovative, cutting-edge art created by Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American artists currently working in the greater New York area. This year’s edition takes on a broad exploration of the visual energy, events, and aesthetics of the street. The exhibition spreads all over the city, showcasing a record 75 emerging artists at seven venues.
The installation at Lehman features imagery by a number of artists that share an affinity for illustration and the narrative force of images. Thinking of the exhibition as a picturesque walk through the city, it conceptualizes the street as a kind of visual library; an opportunity to sample people, objects, costumes, and cityscapes.